Prisme will design and build your most ambitious projects, it’s our promise: Via Ferrata, Zip lines, Suspension bridges and every other elevated tourism experiences. From the mountain peak to the urban jungle, you can trust our expertise.


About Prisme

We are proud to be recognized as a world leader in the elevated structures industry and work really hard to keep this reputation. We put our heart into every project and love bringing our customers' dreams to reality.





We will spend time with you to understand your vision and to ensure we have a clear idea of the potential of your property. From this we will present to you with any number of options on how we can create the best possible experience for you and your future guests.


Research and development are the fundamentals of our innovative and first class approach to design. We ensure that all project designs are unique, safe and sustainable, so that your project surpasses your expectations.


With decades of field experience, we can evaluate and solve all of your maintenance needs. Our services include preventive as well as corrective maintenance to ensure your installations’ keep operating smoothly for years to come.

Trou de la Fée CliffWalk – Québec

The Trou de la Fée Park offers a rich natural playground made of 3 waterfalls, a cave, a great biodiversity and a century-old hydroelectric plant to visit. Located on the
Macau tower Prisme Equipments

Macau Tower – China

The Macau Tower, located in China, is the most spectacular urban project we executed. The development includes numerous games and adventures at different levels of height. The most staggering activities
Mtl Zipline Prismev

MTL Zip Line

MTL Zipline is a special project. We have made a lot of temporary structures to fly above events site (See MEL Zipline). But it was our first permanent urban zip
Urban Adventures Prisme


Montreal en Lumiere is an event taking place every winter for 2 weeks across Montreal’s Downtown area. A 3 stories high temporary zip line was installed for the purpose of


From the first meeting, Yannick exceed our expectations, he is very professional, has great knowledge and a very friendly personnality. The success of MTL Zipline is due to all the efforts and deternimation of Prisme’s team. We are proud to be a close partner of Prisme and we strongly recommend Prisme for any company in need of work at height.

CEO & Founder
MTL Zipline

Prisme testimonials via ferrata

Yannick and his team have achieved over the years impeccable work in construction, inspection and maintenance of our site. It is without hesitation that I recommend the services of Prisme Equipment to any business operating in the field of treetop height that is looking for a professional and conscientious supplier.

Tremblant Adventure Course

Armelle Rossetti Prisme
Armelle Rossetti

I had the occasion to work with Yannick on several mandates of structuring, management and human resources of the company Prisme Equipment. He was able to quickly and easily integrate the expertise that were brought to him.

Management Consultant
Akova Inc.


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