Trou de la Fée CliffWalk – Québec

The Trou de la Fée Park offers a rich natural playground made of 3 waterfalls, a cave, a great biodiversity and a century-old hydroelectric plant to visit. Located on the banks of the Metabetchouane River, the cliffwalk make a remote part of the park accessible.Prisme Equipment intervened in this project to build this cliffwalk following the river bed to access the remote hydroelectric plant and the waterfalls. This cliffwalk is 200 meters/656 feet of a vista and has become an attraction itself. In addition, the granite cliff was ideal to build a little Via Ferrata itinerary and two great zip lines flying 50 meters above the rushing river. The Trou de la Fée Park is the perfect example of a historical and natural site that became more accessible to tourist traffic with our help
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Tags: installation