Macau Tower – China

The Macau Tower, located in China, is the most spectacular urban project we executed. The development includes numerous games and adventures at different levels of height. The most staggering activities are the Skywalk and the Tower climb. The Skywalk is a 1.8 meters wide outdoor walkway that encircles the tower at 233 meters/764 feet high without any handrail. The walker wears a body harness secured to the rail so it slides smoothly along the 1.8 meters wide walkway. The Tower Climb is a 100 meters climb up the mast’s vertical ladders, it reaches the very top of the Tower at 338 meters/1109 feet. At the bottom of the Macau Tower, we built other outdoors activities at height for less adventurous visitors: an adventure course, a climbing wall (32 meters/105 feet) and a zip line.

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