Mount Kinabalu Via Ferrata

The Via Ferrata of Mt. Kinabalu, located in Malaysia, has obtained the Guinness World Record of the highest Via Ferrata, it reaches 3,776 meters (12,388 ft 5 in). A lot of factors made that project a really challenging one. First of all, Mt. Kinabalu is classified as a Heritage Site by UNESCO so the use of a helicopter for the transportation of material was banned. Hundreds of anchorages, climbing gear and more than 500 meters of iron cable needed to be transported at 3 500 meters! The solution was to use the local customs, the porters. So few locals were hired from the village down the mountain to carry the material. Creating a little bit the wealth along the way is always good. Second, the climate is very particular over there, the team had to work from 4:30 AM to 2 PM because it starts pouring rain every day. And you could imagine that the team was not hiking up and down the mountain every day, they were living in a shelter with the most basics facilities for weeks. Overall, the conclusion is always how much it is a great job! See for yourself.

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